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Understanding Abuse Parenting with Spirit

April is National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Parents share an incredibly important role, not just in the lives of their own children, but in strengthening the safety net for other kids and families. The only way to prevent child abuse is to talk about it so that we all recognize the signs and know what to do when a kid is in trouble. It is also essential that parents build good self-care for themselves so that they are better able to deal with the stress of raising kids without resulting to physical or emotional abuse under the guise of "punishment and discipline." Join us for a special episode of Parenting wiht Spirit
  1. Understanding Abuse
  2. Your Child's Self-Esteem – how to build it and why it matters
  3. What to do When Your Child Loses Faith
  4. Can't Touch This
  5. The Epic Tale of the Stolen AirPods

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